Alan Turing

Last year I spent a weekend attending a Duke TiP course about artificial intelligence. We briefly learned about Alan Turing, the Turing test, ELIZA, and examples of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. I thought all of those things were interesting.

Today I learned that a new movie, called The Imitation Game is coming out soon. I was thrilled to find that Benedict Cumberbatch, the main actor in a favorite series of mine, Sherlock, will be playing Alan Turing.



The imitation game is a game in which there are two rooms. In room 1 there is a human and in room 2 there is a computer. Both rooms are asked questions by people outside the rooms. Each room replies and based on their responses the people outside the rooms are supposed to guess which room a computer is in and which one a human is in. 

Alan Turing became famous due to his research related to artificial intelligence. He wrote a paper entitled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” in which he approaches the question “can machines think?” I find this paper very interesting, you can see it for yourself here:


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