Chaim Gingold

Today Chaim Gingold came to talk to us about an iPad app he has been working on. It was very very cool! He plans on making a new genre of apps: the interactive book. We got to see an exclusive demo of his app. I’m excited that it’s coming out soon and I can’t wait to download it. The app is called Earth Primer and discusses different types of landscapes from rock formations to bodies of water to precipitation maps and humidity maps. Because the app is interactive, the user can add things like rain or change the water level and see how it affects the environment. The book inside the app is entitled “Earth, a Primer” at least in this phase of the design. Here is a picture of the demo main screen:


We also got to play around with one of the maps. We lowered the water level and then created a mountain, as you can see here:


I’m glad that Chaim Gingold was able to visit us and tell us about his experiences and projects and I can’t wait to download Earth Primer from the App Store. 

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