Today I read an open letter from Bill Gates to hobbyists. Before reading the open letter I’d never thought about the controversial topic, but after reading the letter I formed an opinion. Bill Gates pointed out how hard programmers and software designers worked on Altair BASIC yet barely broke even. This result was evident despite BASIC’s excellent reviews and constant updates. I think users should pay for software, but since all users will pay for software, the price should be low since there will be so many people would be buying it.  

You can access Bill Gates’s open letter here:

On the other hand, there is a GNU article that argues against Gates and paying for software. They believe that software should be free and able to be modified. I also agree with them, but only to a certain extent. Software should be able to be modified, but it should not be free for one person and all his friends who he shares it with. Everyone who uses software should pay a reasonably cheap price for it and be able to modify it.

You can see GNU’s opposing article here: 


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