5 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

  1. I like the pictures 🙂
    And the instructions help a lot.
    Only problem is that the notifications for winning and losing keep layering. Can you fix that?


  2. great start to the rps project!

    Things to revamp/fix:

    1. the pictures don’t always correspond to the r, p, or s.
    2. the pictures don’t always pop up, sometimes only one picture pops up
    3. The text on the bottom indicating whether you’ve won or lost should reset everytime (currently text is being overlayed and overlapped)

    If you can get those things working, your project will not only be fully functional but nicely designed too!

    I like the images =)


  3. Ditto on what Julie said, I noticed the same things. Adding on though, you should instruct your user to click on the game screen because right now as soon as you load the page and press one of the letters, nothing happens. I had to click on the game container so that the blue line would show up around it and then I could play


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