Interactive Creation

I created a presentation-looking interactive game with a partner yesterday. It reviews the history of computers-both Macs and PCs. I think it’s pretty cool that it’s interactive. We even added a gif to the main screen. 


Game Review: Basketball

Basketball is generally associated with super tall guys who are extremely thin and can run sprints for the length of an entire game. Not all basketball players are tall, but let’s just say that players who are “only” six feet tall seem short when you’re watching the game from your couch. Any sport that demands a certain trait only gained by heredity makes me angry, so you can imagine why I am writing this review, because basketball has some serious flaws.

Other than its hereditary selectivity, which is a very bad thing, basketball also has a messed up point system. There are a bunch of lines on the floor and you get 3 points instead of 2 if you shoot from farther away, which can come down to a few centimeters away from the line. Why isn’t there just one way to score the same number of points?

Basketball is a good sport in the sense that it keeps players in shape. Basketball players have to run sprints from their hoop to their opponent’s hoop for the entire game. In turn, the players become very quick but also very fit.

I do have to say, basketball can be fun to watch, despite its injustices. Having been born in Texas, I was cheering for the Spurs in the Final Four, even though I live four hours away form Miami. Thankfully the Spurs were able to pull through.